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Austin Skalecki

Singer | Songwriter

Austin Skalecki is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Wisconsin set out on a journey to travel and share life experiences through his songwriting. Growing up with influence from great storytellers like Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, he creates a unique modern twist to storytelling with musical elements gained from his travels. Diving into Austin's music you will discover heartfelt lyrics, singable guitar riffs, wailing harmonica, and foot stomping melodies. 

His live shows are unique and special to each individual crowd. Attending a performance may feel similar to a night of jamming around a campfire with friends. He brings audiences together through an intimate full bodied musical experience. 

Austin has proven himself as an independent musician. Some of his accomplishments include; two recorded albums with an EP, winner of the Songwriters at Play Contest in Cayucos CA (best performance), multiple self-made national tours across the United States, and opening for nationally touring acts such as grammy nominated David Nail at Paperfest 2022.

His latest single release "Simple Things" spreads a powerful message about enjoying every moment life gives you. His recent, album release - Stand By Me - has become a staple for him as singer-songwriter. The album displays the sounds of swampy folk and blues with insightful lyrical messages.

Recently through much of his travels out west, he has pulled musical inspiration from different styles across the country and being lost in nature. While he is constantly developing his sound and writing style, he now has over 50 unreleased songs in his arsenal. Currently working on releasing his next singles followed by a new record. Austin Skalecki is a new artist on the rise that is undoubtedly worth checking out.

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Songwriters at Play Contest Cayucos, CA